Terms & Conditions

Dear Client,

  1. logo2Thank you so much for the opportunity to serve you. We are confirming your reservation and your payment . Please print out your confirmation email and bring it along with you.
  2. Is very important that you look for the company  CIELITO LINDO logo sign. PLEASE MAKE SURE to look for the sign as there are so many representatives at the airport. If you don’t see the sign on the first line you can walk around or ask one of them to help you look for us. Our driver might just be in the last section.
  3. Don’t stop with time share people inside the airport. As soon you got your luggage go straight to the exit and look for us . Our waiting limit time is 45 minutes after the flight has landed. If you lost your luggage please contact us to let us know that you’re still inside and waiting. If we don’t hear from you after 45 minutes, we will give you an allowance of another 15 minutes and after that the driver will leave.
  4. Just as well, please give us 15 to 20 minutes allowance if you don’t see our sign at the airport.
    – Please let us know in advance for any changes or updates to your flights
    – Please let us know of any changes on pick up time or update the driver when he drops you off at the hotel or 24 HRS IN ADVANCE ( NO HOTEL CONCIERGE PLEASE ) to check availability on schedules that day. Just as well we may be 15 minutes early or 15 minutes late on your pick up .
    – Local (624) 129-9002 and US numbers (423) 702-6347
    * Zone 1 – [ 2 ½ ] two and a half hours before departure time.
    * Zone 2 – [ 2 ½ ] two and a half hours before departure time.
    * Zone 3 – [ 2 ½ ] two and a half hours before departure time.
    * Zone 4 – [ 3 ] three hours before departure time.
    * Zone 5 – [ 4 ] four hours before departure time.
    * Zone 6 – [ 4 ] four hours before departure time.
  8. Due to the New Federal Regulation at the Airport, all Transport Company are not allowed to have Alcohol inside the Vehicle. So we will only provide fresh water and soft drinks.

Thank you,

Cielito Lindo Travel Agency, LLC