Cielito LindoTravel Agency thrives on two basic tenets: desire of travel, or the strong innate desire to explore the world, and the eagerness to share this passion with fellow travelers.

Years of exploring Baja California Sur, hobnobbing with locals, dining on unpronounceable delicacies, have given us the first-hand knowledge to help create a unique travel experience catered to your personal needs.

Cielito Lindo Travel Agency offers assistance with…
Consultations: We will gladly listen to your travel specifications, (including timeframe and budget), offer recommendations tailored to your needs and create sample itineraries for your review – all at no cost to you!

Destination Knowledge: You can trust us to give you the most updated information regarding virtually two destinations Los Cabos & Cancun, including the best times to travel, what to pack, visa requirements, as well as any security warnings issued by the government.

Travel Arrangements:  We can book every aspect of your vacation, including your airport transfers, extreme activities, hotels, rental cars, honeymoons, and destination weddings. We have what you need!

Competitive Pricing:  Call us to arrange your trips for the best pricing available. Our rates are very affordable!

Concierge Services:  We provide pre-trip support, as well as, on site assistance. Sometimes plans change. With one phone call to Cielito Lindo Travel Agency we can make any adjustments you may have during your vacation.
At Cielito Lindo Travel Agency we believe that travel should be the pinnacle of escaping the pressures of everyday life. Planning a trip to get away from day to day stress is often a stressful process in itself.

Cielito Lindo Travel Agency comes in!
With years of travel experience and travel industry expertise, we can create an unforgettable vacation personalized to your specific needs and requirements. What’s more, we’ll get you started on your perfect vacation before you ever leave home. Cielito Lindo Travel Agency takes the work out of planning and booking your next vacation, making it just a fantastic vacation!